Stop Looking

“The best things happen when you least expect it.” Such a cliché statement but, my god is it one of the most accurate ones I have heard. I have spent a majority of my 21 years worrying about what’s next, whether it be the relationships I have, my life 10 years down the road, or … More Stop Looking

I Hate My Thighs (And The Many Other Lies We Tell Ourselves)

I am the number one perpetrator of forever wishing I had the body I had in high school.  Especially the past two years. These past two years I have really struggled with body image.  I would constantly look back at my pictures from my junior and senior year of high school imagining what it would … More I Hate My Thighs (And The Many Other Lies We Tell Ourselves)

30 Things Every Young Adult Needs to Hear Right Now

As I am approaching the end of my sophomore year in college, I have learned and experienced many things.  Now, I definitely haven’t had what you would consider the typical college experience but I do think that many of these one-sentence reminders are things that every young adult needs to hear. YOU are your own … More 30 Things Every Young Adult Needs to Hear Right Now


I have been told that I dream too greatly That my mind dwells in a fantasy rivaling even the most prestigious novelists “You’ve got your hands full with that one” they used to say As if my lack there of limitations was crippling I have no concept of failure I never have A 7-year-old Meghan … More Ordinary

A Note on Loss

It has always been said that death is hardest on the living.  When you experience a loss, you grieve, then accept it, and finally you attempt to move on from it but in all seriousness you never truly recover from it.  You find yourself being consoled by the grief because it proves that you haven’t … More A Note on Loss

Just Bloom

Everyone in the world has the same goal; we all just what to figure out what we’re supposed to do with our lives.  Whether it be sitting at work wishing we could be working a different job in a different place, spending our time at home wishing we could be anywhere else but there, or … More Just Bloom


Ever since I could remember I have never felt as though I fit in with the kids my age.  Sure I got along with them just fine but I was never the type to go out and want to do everything that everyone else was doing.  I was always in my own little world and … More Change