30 Things Every Young Adult Needs to Hear Right Now

As I am approaching the end of my sophomore year in college, I have learned and experienced many things.  Now, I definitely haven’t had what you would consider the typical college experience but I do think that many of these one-sentence reminders are things that every young adult needs to hear.

  1. YOU are your own greatest asset, give yourself some credit.
  2. Shitty people exist and will say and do shitty things; ignore it.
  3. When someone else goes out of their way to make you feel less than you are, it’s because they are insecure.
  4. Make sure you call your parents and don’t be too proud to ask for their advice.
  5. Stop looking at your phone all the time. Have a meaningful conversation with someone.
  6. Tell the people you love how much you appreciate them, even if it’s more than you think is necessary.
  7. You don’t need to prove your beauty to anyone, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking some extra time to make yourself feel beautiful.
  8. There will be friends who will only be there for the good times, and that’s okay.
  9. Do not let anyone make you feel as though you are unlovable. Yes, you may have baggage, you may be difficult to love, but you are in no way unlovable.
  10. Losing love is better than never experiencing love.
  11. There is no specific age that you need to have a boyfriend or have your future figured out.
  12. High school and college friendships won’t always last, but you shouldn’t feel guilty about growing apart.
  13. No one’s life is as good as it looks on Instagram, so you have absolutely no reason to be jealous.
  14. Being single isn’t a curse. It’s a chance to meet new people, not answer to anyone, and most importantly you don’t have to shave your legs.
  15. Stop apologizing so much.
  16. There is no need to make excuses for the things you believe in; you don’t owe anyone an explanation.
  17. Generally, if you show someone kindness, it will be reciprocated.
  18. Never let your peers’ successes make you feel like you’re falling behind.
  19. There is nothing more crucial in your 20s than having an amazing friend, so don’t let something small get in between you and the person who’s always there for you.
  20. Finding purpose in your everyday life is essential, but stressing out about whether every little thing is meaningful isn’t.
  21. If you have the opportunity to give someone who is kind, funny, well-intentioned but “not your type” a chance, take that chance. You never know what can happen.
  22. Anytime you feel like you’re making the wrong choice, remember that life is not built exclusively on perfect decisions and that your recoveries are just as important as your mistakes.
  23. You don’t always have to be right, and people will respect you when you own up to your mistakes.
  24. If you tell someone you care about them, the worst thing they can say is that they don’t feel the same way about you.
  25. And hearing “no” is not nearly as scary as you think.
  26. Feeling lost is just a gentle reminder that you are trying to improve yourself every day.
  27. You are a stupidly capable human being when you get out of your own way.
  28. It’s OK to cut toxic people out of your life.
  29. Don’t settle for your second choice just because it seems safer.
  30. Going to college is a privilege many people aren’t granted, so count your blessings, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.



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