Just Bloom

Everyone in the world has the same goal; we all just what to figure out what we’re supposed to do with our lives.  Whether it be sitting at work wishing we could be working a different job in a different place, spending our time at home wishing we could be anywhere else but there, or being a student who is just counting down the days until we graduate.  The point of the matter is we are always so focused on whats coming next, we are always looking to the next thing in our life.

But you see the problem with this ideal that our society has is that we are so focused on the future that we completely miss out on what is happening in the present moment. In today’s society it is more important to get a picture or a video of an experience that we are having that we forget to just live in the moment and truly live.  Social media plays such a huge part in this because we are all so focused on making others see how “cool” our lives are that we do not get to fully experience life.

We forget what makes today important.  Maybe today doesn’t seem that important to you, but you can change that if you only change your mindset.  What if, instead of spending our time moping around about of current life, we embrace it? When we choose to believe that we could always have a different life, we will always be unsatisfied with anything our life has to offer but when we choose to perceive what we do as an essential part of our life story, we will start to appreciate where we are in life regardless of what is going on. It may be difficult to change your mindset but I promise once you do, it’s so worth it.

When we choose to enjoy today, it can help eliminate any frustrations, worries, and doubts that we have about ourselves and our futures.  When we decide to look at our lives in a better light, we can understand what we can do with it.  If we choose to, we can see the possibilities of growth and then work towards from where we are.  New chapters of life will open up, but we have to get through the current one first.

Let us not try so hard to figure out whats coming next.  It is a waste of so much time and energy to always be looking towards tomorrow. Take a good and hard look at where you are today and try and bloom from there.  Our life story is uncertain but see what can happen if you take ownership of today and decide to make it meaningful.  It’s up to you and you alone but if we decide to live in the moment and grow from where we are we can only grow up.

Sincerely, Meggy xoxo



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