Welcome to my Blog! (sing like “welcome to my hood”)

I figured for my first post I’d let y’all know some things about me and yes I just used “y’all” and yes I’m from the Northeast, forgive me, I have family in the South and by south I mean Florida so they don’t really say “y’all” but I like to use that as an excuse.  My name is Meghan Merritt, although most people call me “Meggy”.  I am from the great state of New York and I am currently attending the University at Albany, studying Communications and Psychology.  I am a tea/coffee enthusiast, I swear if those were the only two drink choices left on earth I’d be as happy as can be.  I also have a great affection for elephants which started when I was a wee little child.  Whenever I was sick I would always make my parents watch Dumbo with me, over and over and over again. I hope to use this blog as my little space in this world to share my thoughts, whether it be on fashion, life, traveling, etc.! I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing for you!

Sincerely Meggy xo


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